Static Website

A static site, which is most of the times called as stationary page or flat page is transmitted to the user directly as stored, in comparison to dynamic sites which are generated through web application. Static site is made of a collection of HTML files, which each one symbolizing a physical page of a site. Therefore, on static sites, every page is an independent HTML file.

Dynamic Site

Website Design in Coimbatore is engaged in the creation of dynamic websites along with an attractive and eye-catching interface where you, as clients could create changes on the real time basis. Along with the advancement of modern technology, our dynamic website designing could still prove effective use for small business.

Responsive Develpment

Googler create a websites in responsive manner to reach our customer all kind of users. Responsive website design has convert more key as the volume of mobile and tablet traffic and now this versions for more than half of total internet traffics. Googler keep in mind the modern generation user most of them reach website through the mobile and tablet. The Responsive website design creation that makes use of flexible layouts and images and using cascading style sheet media queries and bootstrap technologies. The benefit of responsive automatically rearranges website view based on the device you’re reading it on. We are the leading responsive website design and development Coimbatore India.


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